The Glorious Arcane…

October 22, 2008

Priests of Fire store your power and bring me the effulgent beauty of Armageddon! Oh how I dance in joy amidst your 9+ Fire power of damage to my opponent and all his creatures. The battle shall be mine… Oh… I was just having a Spectromancer flashback.

After my stint on how I can’t game online while deployed, I happened upon a little demo on Greenhouse called Spectromancer. The game is similar to and, if I am not mistaken, developed by the creator of Magic: The Gathering. So, basically, it’s a virtual trading card game. The amazing thing about it is its simple graphical interface which allows me to play it online off my thumb drive! This is a big deal. You see, I can’t take my laptop to the closest, free net café here, so being able to play it off my thumb drive allows me to use it on the provided computers.

I played the demo version online for about an hour, totally losing track of time, and I felt hooked like I haven’t been since M:TGO. I also sat at work last night playing the sneak peek of the single player campaign and have decided it’s definitely worth the 20 bucks to unlock the whole game. Spectromancer has its downfalls such as will there be more cards or campaign options, but it is a fun little time passer that at least allows me the social aspect of playing online.

Maybe I’ve been out here too long and have lost touch with coolness, but IMO, the Spectromancer demo is worth the download.

On a side note, I added a review for Ninja Gaiden Σ.


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