Lost in (Dead) Space

October 23, 2008

I’m not really lost in the game since a simple press of R3 shows me the way, but I totally lost track of time while I was playing the game for a mere three hours. Dead Space, so far, is amazing! The whole HUDless feature really adds a sense of immersion to the game. The graphics are great with shadows having you wonder if that’s an “alien” around the corner or just some object projecting a shadow. Sound…OMG. The sound is extremely intense! There are moments in the game when I hear the ‘oh man, something is coming’ music just to realize it was the lights turning on. I constantly find myself expecting to be pummeled by some baddie only not to be, and in turn, I’ve been attacked when I thought I was perfectly safe. Plus, I have been playing in a completely dark room since I live in a metal box void of windows, so you can imagine the craziness going through my mind when I hear some noise from outside.

I’ve only gone through two chapters and have collected five trophies so far (possible spark for replay?), but the game and storyline are all looking very promising.


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