Jedi Madness Online!

October 24, 2008

I, of course, am talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic. I like Star Wars and Jedi, but man, this game is going to be swarming with them. Maybe that’s the point? I know Bioware says there is going to be other classes besides Jedi and Sith, but who is going to play them? Here are my concerns:

  • Jedi/Sith overpopulation – Honestly, who is going to pass it up?

  • Variety – Are there going to be multiple types of Jedi/Sith, or will we be stuck playing a very base class?

  • World – This better be huge. I mean, it’s freaking Star Wars…

  • PvP – Jedi and Sith are in the game. There better be some hardcore PvP

That’s pretty much all I have on the subject. The last Star Wars MMO was such a let down it is almost hard to believe it can be done right, but Bioware knows how to make a good RPG, so there is hope.

*Note: I’ll be all over this. I’m such a fan boy nerd…*



  1. I bet there is going to be more than just jedi. Alts, jedi haters, people will soon see that jedi isn’t alpha class. no worries

  2. I suspect there are going to be atleast 2-3 different jedi/sith classes

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