Weekend of Un-Gaming

October 27, 2008

Most gamers love the weekends. It allows them to either A) Clock massive amounts of hours into a game or B) Get away from gaming and enjoy life. Not me. I don’t get weekends where I can clock time or get away. I am stuck working ten hours a day every day so we, as a country, can force our way of living onto a country that wants nothing more than for us to leave. But, that’s enough of that…

I actually did have some time off on Saturday where I was going to put some massive time into Dead Space, but we were in the midst of a thunderstorm and the power was finicky. It’s okay though since I did manage to hit Chapter 10, and I must say Chapter 8 was insane. I mean, I’m on an elevator and five of those things drop from above, and I am stuck fighting for my life until the thing stops. Wow… It was definitely an intense moment. I’d also like to point out some disappointing news I found by reading some PS3 forums. Once you beat the game, you are locked in to that difficulty mode? Man that really sucks. I had elaborate plans of how I was going to do a second play through on easy to get the One Gun trophy and build up my weapons some, so I could attack a third play through like I was Rambo or something. Oh well, good on EA for thinking about nerds like me who want the easy way. Hmmm…maybe I will just One Gun through Impossible Mode!

My other gaming adventure as of late is Baldur’s Gate II (yea my laptop sucks that bad). I’m not complaining though; the game rocks, and I got it for ten bucks (with expansion) off Amazon. I play this at work since there really isn’t much to do for ten hours at night. I’m only on Chapter 2, and I’m getting unmotivated from having to walk through the city and do all these “urban” quests. I like the outside world environments for my fantasy adventures. I’m sure it will pick up eventually, and it is a nice break from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 which I have been playing off and on since it’s release.


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