October 28, 2008

I had this whole thing written up on the movie Zeitgeist and The Venus Project (not a movie), but I realized it had nothing to do with gaming. The pic is what I was going to use for that post, so here it is.

I didn’t game yesterday due to the fact that I was engrossed with the two things mentioned above, but I did watch my chief play some spore at work. Despite the childish look to it, it seems like it could be entertaining. However, the DRM EA decided to include is kind of a ‘no way’ sign for me. I watched him do some typical RTS stuff like gathering and fighting. One thing that I thought was interesting was the way you befriend other tribes. He had to sit there and play instruments for their entertainment, and one of the instruments was a didgeridoo which tickles me a bit since my girlfriend is an Aussie.

Other than that, I have nothing.


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