Oh, The Horror

October 29, 2008

What a day. My PS3 decided to die on me. Well, it didn’t exactly die. It merely stopped reading any discs. I started browsing forums to see if there was a fix, but I got nothing. The PS3 Restore function didn’t work, so now I am stuck with a broken PS3. I called SONY and they said they could take care of it if I have the receipt, so I just need to find it. I’m pretty sure I kept it in the box, but then again, I could just as easily have thrown it away. I’ll end up sending it back to get fixed and have it sent to my house in the states. This really puts a damper on my whole gaming thing and perhaps this blog. I cancelled my Little Big Planet preorder but wasn’t able to cancel Fallout 3 since they were preparing to ship it. I thought about buying Fallout 3 for PC, but that was stopped when I noticed it had SecuRom on it. Jeeze… I know it’s just a disc check, but I have no way of getting online at the moment with my laptop.

That brings me to another point: the internet. We are apparently getting internet in our “rooms” for $75 a month. Yea… I hear it isn’t even worth it. I can email and add blogs using the net cafes computers. I’m not paying $75 for shoddy service. Oh well. I’ll be home in less than three months anyways, and hopefully, things will turn around. I’ll be able to play WAR, GW, TF2, BF 2142, and whatever else catches my fancy. I have even been thinking of picking up EQ2 again. I don’t know. It really depends on how much time I have and how much I like WAR.


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  1. Dang, that really sucks! Here’s hoping it gets fixed up before too long. 😦

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