I Think I’m Going Japanese

October 30, 2008

Today I received the DS game ‘My Japanese Coach’. Yes, I am learning Japanese. I bought the Auralog program for it, but the problem is I just can’t seem to focus on learning a foreign language while I’m here. So, I bought the game. It’s pretty cool. It gives you a little test when you first start to see where you are at and you go on from there. The test put me on lesson four, but I decided to start at the beginning. The lessons are pretty easy (so far), and they accompany each word with a spoken bit, an option to practice pronouncing the word, and an option to practice writing the word. There are also games (of course!) to help you master the words in the lesson. So far, I have done a whack a mole style game, word search, and a multiple choice game. I only did up to level four because I had some work to do, but I am excited about getting back to it later.


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