WAR Excitement

October 30, 2008

Apparently, I am missing out on some exciting stuff in Warhammer Online. Not only are they having the Halloween event, but they are having an event called Heavy Metal where players can compete to have the option of playing the new classes early. They, the players, do this by completing special quests that are given daily. This is some pretty exciting stuff. Throw in the fact that they are also releasing a new albeit limited time only scenario, and Mythic has themselves an event worth trying out. I’m really excited for this event even though I can’t play, but I look forward to checking out the opinions of those who can play.

I’m impressed with the way Mythic is handling the issues in WAR. From what I have been reading, they seem to really listen to the player base and make adjustments where appropriate. The simple fact that they are introducing two of the four removed classes (Knight of the Burning Sun and Black Guard) so soon after release is amazing. I was seriously expecting to be waiting for an expansion before seeing these two again.

My hype meter for WAR is still really high. I have guilds in both factions already with people I’ve gamed with for many years in both and just can’t wait to get into it. I’m looking at about 84 days people!!


One comment

  1. WAR is a great game! 84 more and you can enjoy Mythic’s pride and joy. Be safe and can’t wait to read more. Well, not the PS3 stuff my girlfriend won’t let me have one /tear.

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