The Wasteland Series: A Journey Unfolds

November 6, 2008

Warning: May contain spoilers

The world of tomorrow must have been an amazing place, but alas, I look out now and see nothing but ruin. The rubble that was a house, the uneven cracked blackness of a former road, and in the distance, the shattered dome of the once grand capitol building are the things I see. My, what a place this must have been.

I feel the sun; a thing so warm, so great yet so cruel. My shoulder aches from my escape, and I feel the weight of the things I carry. I must find this town Megaton and find my father. But first, I must rest.

So, after emerging from the vault, I made my way down to some ruins of a town called Springvale and then headed off to Megaton. Megaton is a rather interesting town which gets its name from the unexploded atomic bomb in the center of it. Wow… an unexploded atomic bomb. The town is circular and rather easy to find things. My first stop took me to the local saloon where I was trying to gather information on my father. It turns out the owner knew his whereabouts but wanted 100 caps (Fallouts currency). Of course, I didn’t have that, so I decided to get some quests to help the locals.

I headed to the general store, Craterside Supply, to sell some stuff and met Moira. She offered me a quest to find food and medicine at a nearby store called the Super Duper Mart. After gathering supplies and resting, I headed out. The Super Duper Mart is a pretty decent size place, and it was crawling with raiders. I had a lot of good fights and got my character a sawed off shotgun and a SMG. The V.A.T.S. system is really fun to use, and the results are always graphically amazing. I found the food and medicine and headed back to Megaton.

My next little side adventure was delivering a letter for Lucy West to her family. I spent a lot of time wandering through The Wasteland and eventually found the town of Arefu perched on what seemed to be an old highway bridge. After a brief talk about some local troubles with the local mayor, I found the West’s house and went inside. There was blood everywhere, and it looked as if one of the bodies had had their throat ripped out. I informed the mayor and he told me it was the work of The Family and that they most likely have the West’s son, Ian.

I knew I had to do something, so I went out looking for The Family. I eventually found them in an old subway station, and wow, these guys are weird. At first, they just describe themselves as a gang, but their leader, Vance, told me what they really were. He started talking about cannibalism and transcending the desire of flesh and simply drinking the blood of their victims. Basically, they are the 23rd century version of vampires.

Well, after a nice conversation with Vance, I found Ian and convinced him he should leave. I then talked to Vance and proposed the idea of the town of Arefu donating blood to the “vampires”, and in return, The Family would protect them. He took to the idea nicely and said I was welcome anytime. Vance also offered to teach me the ways of the vampire which I accepted (come on…), and my character is now able to regain 25 HP from blood packs. Good stuff.

I’d like to note that I had a bunch of in between mission encounters, but it would make this entry way too long. This game is amazing. I have only completed the very first part of the main story line, and I am not worried one bit. I love being distracted and exploring and fighting.

So much for the world of tomorrow…


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