When Will It End?

November 7, 2008

The PS3 pain just won’t end! As I posted previously, I have a new 80 GB PS3 that has been working fine until now. Out of the blue, the sound decided to not work. Well, not exactly. It works perfectly fine for Fallout 3, but when I tried to play a Blu-Ray, I could only hear music and not voices. I tried playing a different game and it’s the same issue. I guess I’m lucky with Fallout, but this is ridiculous. I connect my PS3 to my TV via HDMI. A bad cable doesn’t make sense since Fallout works, but I am up for any ideas. I did read on some forums that turning off linear and DTS in the audio settings may solve the issue, so I will have to try that after work. I hope this isn’t a sign of some future PS3 troublesome times. I really enjoy the system and would hate to have to abandon it due to shoddy manufacturing and my bad luck.


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