November 10, 2008

It’s charity time here in the military. They give us the big book of CFC, and we are asked to donate. Donating isn’t mandatory, but the military likes to put the pressure on. Well, I don’t take kindly to pressure, and I don’t donate through the military. However, I’m not saying I do not donate. I donate to various charities during the course of the year, but the one constant is always Child’s Play Charity. This charity is run by the folks over at Penny Arcade, and while I may not be a big PA fan, I do respect and support what they are doing with this charity.

If you haven’t heard of Child’s Play before, it is a charity which raises money for Children’s Hospitals throughout the United States/Canada and other parts of the world. You can either donate money directly to the charity itself, or you can use the map on the main page to pick a certain hospital. Clicking the hospital will take you to the hospital’s Amazon.com wish list where there are a bunch of children appropriate games, movies, books, and game accessories.

This charity hits home for me on a personal level since I have a brother who spent a few months in one such hospital when he was younger, and I remember that he enjoyed being able to take his mind off what was going on by playing games. This is a great charity and a great way to show the world that gamers and the gaming community are good people too, so go donate!



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