Back in Action

January 22, 2009

Alright! I know it has been a while since I last posted, but I am back in action and ready to do this right. Let’s get started.

To start, I’d like to say it is great to be able to do some proper gaming once again. I’ve been hitting four games pretty hard in the last week and a half and those are: WAR, EQ2, L4D, and EQ2.


Whoa – This game is awesome. While I was deployed, I was following mainly Keen and Graev’s and The Greenskin for my WAR news (only two I could get), and it was looking pretty gloomy at one point, but Mythic came through. Keen and Snafzg wrote about the improvements and how Mythic was drastically improving the game almost every day, so while I was still a little worried, there was hope.

I was definitely going to give it a try either way, and I am glad I did. I started off as a Black Guard and have gotten him to rank 10 but playing a tank isn’t really my style, so I made a Zealot. The Zealot is a definite pain to solo PvE, but in RvR, I love him. I enjoy playing a healer in any MMO, and this one is no exception. My Zealot, Odius on Phoenix Throne, is rank 20, and I am finding myself topping or being in at least the top five for healing during most scenarios. I am also lucky in the fact that I have a great guild (Scorn) that is great to play with, and we dominate in RvR often.

Look out for more WAR news because this is a definite keeper for me.


I’ve played EQ2 off and on since launch, and I still find it enjoyable. There are plenty of things to do, and since my friend didn’t like WAR and went back to EQ2, I am splitting my time to hang out with him. My Troubadour, Cloy on Antonia Bayle, is currently level 57, and I am having a blast playing him.

I’d like to also thank Stargrace from MMOQuests for reigniting my interest in this game while I was deployed.

L4D and TF2

L4D and TF2 are my current FPS games of choice. I played a lot of TF2 right before I deployed, but it was only about a month. The new upgrade system they have put into the game is really cool, and I look forward to the upgrades for the other classes. As for L4D, what can you expect? I’m a zombie survival horror fan, and this game definitely gives you the feel of that experience. I have played this game a little but am waiting for some buddies to come home still so we can tackle this beast as a team.

All in all, I have a great week and a half of gaming, and these are just some highlights. I will be posting more in depth articles about the individual games as I play them.



  1. Glad to see you’re back in action! I’m also playing WAR and EQ2, I am on a different server but I believe Phoenix Throne is an RP server, right? I’ve been meaning to start someone over there, and it’d be nice to know someone!

    Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures!

  2. Yea, Phoenix Throne is the RP server. I play on Destruction side. If you decide to make a character there, give me a tell.

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