WAR: RvR and RP

January 23, 2009

As I said in my previous post, my WAR server of choice is Phoenix Throne. For those who don’t know, Phoenix Throne is a RP server, and it has slightly different crowd to it. You will still find your non-rpers because, from my experience, RP servers seem to have a larger, more friendly community. Being a RvR game, there is the Destruction vs. Order tension, but overall, I think the community is there, or starting to develop. Before I continue, any RPer interested in doing cross faction RP, please check out The Phoenix Throne RP forums. We are trying to get a good RP community going that is server wide.

On to my post!

Last night I was playing WAR and was grouped with some guildies, and we were running scenarios. One of the guild requirements is to have vent. This makes sense since it is much easier/quicker to push-to-talk rather than typing things out especially when you are in the middle of a battle. Well, out of respect for our hardcore RP members, you don’t have to use vent; you just have to have it. Now, I didn’t start the guild, and I am definitely not complaining about the rule, but I have been finding it difficult/annoying running scenarios with people who aren’t on vent. Let’s play a scenario where not all members are on vent.

Me on vent: Rez incoming, big heal incoming, etc, blah blah blah….omg…WH on me. Oh man…now I have a WH and two WL. Help! *dead*

Most of the time this isn’t an issue since the tanks/melee DPS classes are usually on vent, but sometimes… Well, you get the point.

I’d like to put it out there that i totally respect the wishes of those of the hardcore RP nature. I dabble in RP and find it enjoying and can see how vent can take away from the RP interaction, but come one. No one really RPs in battle. I mean, I have seen it done, but it isn’t common. Personally, I don’t see the big deal in using vent for RvR. It is definitely a lot quicker than typing out in a RP manner or between double parentheses, but hey, that’s me.


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