EQ2: 60

January 26, 2009

Last night in EQ2, my Froglok Troubadour, Cloy, reached level 60 while running through the Court of Innovation with a 77 Assassin and 76 Warden (both mentored). This is pretty exciting for me considering the last time I really played EQ2 was when the DoF expansion first came out and they raised the level cap to 60.

After finishing up the instance, I headed back to Qeynos to organize/sell all the great loot I received and realized my armor was, well, crap. I was still using stuff from level 36… I hit up a broker and bought myself some Mastercrafted armor pieces, and I am hoping that holds me over for a while.

Overall, it was a good night. One of my other buddies should be playing with us again, so we will be able to have a more complete group and can handle tougher dungeons. I’ve really been enjoying EQ2 and look forward to tackling some dungeons I have missed over the years and exploring the new expansion with my friends.


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