WAR Update

February 3, 2009

Overall, Warhammer has been treating me fantastically. I’ve been in the game for almost 30 days, and I have to say, it has my attention. I’m definitely keeping my subscription going and look forward to the upcoming events and the new classes. Of course, every story has its little annoyances, and here are mine for WAR.

Population Balance

According to the new census addon tool for WAR, Order outnumbers Destruction two to one on Phoenix throne (my server). Now, I simply read this briefly and am not sure if this is sheer number of characters created or actual characters being actively played, but it confirms what I have thought for a while. I know this is a big topic of discussion, but I wanted to throw my voice out there for the cause. I really think Mythic needs to do something, but I have no idea what that something is. Good luck Devs!


I’m not sure what it is, but Destruction on Phoenix Throne doesn’t seem to do much oRvR in T3. Maybe they are all in T4 tearing Order up, but the T4 players in my guild don’t seem to be too actively engaged in RvR. In fact, most of them play alts. There’s more to this than I just listed, but the fact remains that they aren’t out there fighting for the cause.

The issue I run into is the fact that when I go out to do some oRvR I find it difficult to find a WB or even a group doing anything. I run into Order all the time which reinforces the thinking that they have more people, but I am, more often than not, wandering around trying to find some action. Sure, scenarios pop, and they are fun, but they get old after a while unless you are winning. I don’t care if I am out in the world with a WB at my side, and we roll up on some Order WB, duke it out and end up losing. It’s still fun to me either way. I’m hoping T4 is better.


Let’s face it; WAR PvE sucks. That’s okay though since it’s an RvR game, but I am feeling the grind with my Zealot, and PvE is just not viable for me. The new Land of the Dead live expansion sounds promising and very Darkness Falls like, so I am hoping that cures some of my PvE woes. The issue there is the fact that I don’t think my Zealot will need PvE to level by that point.


Like I said; the game is great, and I am having a blast. I am looking forward to the next six months of play and know Mythic is going to deliver some excellent content.



  1. We’ll see if things pick up once the Live Event hits. I’m hoping it will be a good one like the Witching Night.

  2. In regards to the oRvR, I have found T3 oRvR pretty empty on my server Darklands (except for a great week or two around xmas). So maybe it isn’t a server thing and a game based thing?

  3. @Sumo – It’s possible that T3 is just a grind stage for most people until they get to T4 making it so nobody really does oRvR.

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