Flight Masters!

February 4, 2009

As of Game Update 1.1.1, every zone (on Destruction at least) has a flight master. –little hip thrust with a resounding YES- It’s about time. It was so annoying to have to run through a zone to get to another zone. Here’s the thing though: They could use more. I mean, some of these zones are pretty big, and another flight master in them wouldn’t hurt. I know Mythic isn’t Blizzard, but if it works… This is my opinion, and I am probably just spoiled from my years of WoW. Oh well.


One comment

  1. I’m with you on the Flight Master thing! plus I think that it would have a better effect on oRvR. If people can easily get into the zones to fight and not run a marathon just to miss the Keep getting crushed ;). Then there could be bigger numbers in those fights :).

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