The Decision

February 10, 2009

Today I decided to end my WAR subscription before it renewed. Yea…I didn’t last long at all, and to top it off, I hafd mentioned before that i was going to be sticking with this game for a while. Well, due to a mixture of real life and just sheer boredom, I will not being playing WAR anymore. I shall list my reasons:

  1. I don’t know if the census is true or not, but it doesn’t matter. Order owns Phoenix Throne and it really sucks. Period, dot on that point.
  2. I play healers in MMOs because this way I know there is a decent healer out there, me. I, of course, understand the immediate danger I am in for being a healer, and the fact that I play a Zealot and have no shirt makes me easy to spot is acceptable. The issue is that I am constantly targeted within 10 seconds of a fight and rarely have any backup to keep me safe. Bleh I say!
  3. Building off number two, Destruction just doesn’t seem to know how to play as a whole. Premades make life beautiful for me because I have compotent people with me, but my schedule makes those few and far between. I hate solo joining a scenario or WB.
  4. Other than my healer, I really can’t find a class I enjoy, and since I hate life as my healer…yea.

So, that about covers it. I have two EQ2 accounts and am loving every second of that, so that is where I shall be. Like any MMO I have ever played, WAR shall sit on my shelf until I decide to give it another go. Maybe I will like it then, but I don’t think I will.


One comment

  1. I surfed here from Stargrace’s website, and this entry caught my eye. I played a Zealot as well in WAR as my main for quite awhile, and while I really liked the class and what I could do/the potential it had, I would end up completely frustrated with the lack of backup or general coherancy on the Destruction side, and then having to listen to people complain about not getting heals/wondering why our team was losing a scenario or failing at world PVP.

    Just wanted to leave a little comment and let you know that you’re certainly not alone in the sentiment =)

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