Aion Headstart: Day 1

September 21, 2009

So, it took about 30 mins to get in game at first, and once I was in, I wasn’t really shocked to see every channel flooded with players since it seems like everybody and their mother preordered this game. It’s okay though…really. I looked around for a few minutes and decided to run further in to Poeta and gather some Aria. Homestly, smart idea if you ask me. Harvesting at level 1 gives 60 exp, so it helped with the early levels while at the same time I raised my gathering.

Eventually, the mob scene back in noob land died down, so I was able to start questing and reamin behind the mob. I made it through the pre level 10 quests easily and moved on to the next area. Overall, the night was productive with me ending at level 11.5 and my Handicrafting at 20. It’s pre launch, so i’m not going to list off any gripes although the queues are pretty ridiculous. Hopefully, it gets better.


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