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February 7, 2010

In preparation for EQ2’s new expansion ‘Sentinel’s Fate’, I am restarting my blog. I keep coming back to EQ2 and enjoy the adventure immensely. Since I’ve been away from the blogging seen, I’ll let you in on what I’ve been doing game wise.

Dragon Age: I played the ever loving crap out of this game until the very end, and I have yet to complete it. Sadly, I may never beat this game. I watched my roommate beat it twice so far on the PS3 version, so I don’t feel completely out of touch.

Aion: I quit EQ2 to play Aion. I played a Cleric to level 28, quit, and then came back and rolled a Ranger to 24. Needless to say, I quit again and haven’t looked back. I just didn’t enjoy the grind.

PS3: I played a lot of PS3 games in my absence. AC2, Drake’s 2, Army of Two 2, God of War Collection, etc. I guess I was just in a console game mood for a while and neglected the MMO scene.

Mass Effect 2: I’m still tackling this beast, and I love it. I’m close to the end, but I am running around doing all the exploring and side missions. I usually play this when I’m supposed to be working.

EQ2: I recently returned to EQ2 (again), and I have made some progress. Murias (my Templar) is no longer on my secondary account and is also no longer a Halfling (don’t ask). I have him geared in T1 shard and am slowly working on his epic. Velourna (SK) is fully geared in T2, and she is one step away from obtaining her Myth. My guild, Clan Werre, is running VP over the course of next week in preparation for the expansion, so I will have my Myth probably next Saturday.

So, that’s pretty much it. I look forward to writing more as the adventure unfolds.


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