Veeshan’s Peak: Round 1

February 11, 2010

I guess I thought between Clan Werre and The Awakened we had some experience dealing with VP. I must have been wrong.

We decided to tackle Wing 2 first due to weekend time restraints and such, and well, I suppose we did okay for a team who has little raid time overall. My only major gripe for the evening was the start time. The posting says 7 pm CST start, but we didn’t start forming until that time, and aslo, there were voice issues in game, so we had to wait for people to set up vent and adjust voice volumes. For any vent users out there: NORMALIZE. Yes, the voice quality takes a hit, but do you really need to be able to hear the raid leader’s voice in perfection? No..A slight buzz or ‘white noise’ won’t harm anyone. Needless to say, this ‘issue’ set us back almost an hour. Once we got in to the zone, we seemed to be tearing through the first couple of trash mobs like it was nothing. We did wipe twice due to some messy pulls and lack of complete knowledge of the pathing and such, but I view that as a growing pain.

Taskmaster Nichok: This was the first boss we hit, and even though we killed him first pull, it was a LONG fight. I truly believe we had his health at 4% like three times before we finally took him down. The major issue: Communication. I don’t know if people could not hear the two designated timer callers or if they were simply just ignoring them, but there was definitely a disconnect somewhere. Again, growing pains.

Milyex Vioren: Boss number two… ugg. Overall, I think this fight went really well even though we took a wipe once and never actually killed it. At first, we kept the engineer near the north generator with the boss, but he kept healing the generator, so we moved him to the middle, but he was able to heal the two southern generators depending on which he was closer to. Also, we had two DPS on the engineer but noticed they were dropping from some burst damage the engineer pulled off, so we eventually assigned a tank to him and had the tank drag him down the ramp. This worked beautifully. The tank was able to keep the engineer away from the generators and only required one healer to keep him alive. This, in my opinion, is a decent use of resources. We were able to tear through Milyex easily until three generators started popping at once. I’m pretty sure this was due to a lack of burst DPS which was due to the lack of enough power feeders. If we could just burn down those three generators faster, we would have had this guy down for sure. Oh well.

Unfortunately, that left us at midnight, so we called it. As a raid force, the leaders are determined to kill every single boss in VP, and I for one am all for the struggle. It helps us develop as a raiding force, and I’m always up for a good challenge. We have VP planned for Friday and Saturday, so hopefully we will make some progress. As far as us reaching and taking down Phara Dar for my mythical update, I don’t know yet. I will get my mythical at some point, but until then, I’m just going to enjoy the game. Raiding, among other things, killed WoW for me, and I won’t let the same thing happen with EQ2.


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