Veeshan’s Peak: Round 2

February 13, 2010

Last night, Clan Werre and The Awakened entered VP for round two of three this week. I am happy to report this time went MUCH better. We are currently sitting at Wing 2 clear, first pull of Wing 3 down and six out of twelve named down total. Here’s a recap.

  • Milyex Vioren: We took a wipe on the first pull due to being tossed around too much by the wing burst, but we slammed this guy to the ground on our second attempt, starting the night off at a good pace. Also, I did manage to snag a sweet piece of loot: Ring of Dark Intent.
  • Qunard Ashenclaw: There isn’t really much to say about this guy. You need to start a little ring event and complete that before he becomes attackable, but other than that, he was an easy kill.
  • Xygoz: I enjoyed this fight. Xygoz is a HUGE dragon who is sleeping when you first approach him. The MT clicks on him, and he wakes up, and basic dragon tactics apply. At 80% and 40% he falls into a dream state where he will either dream of him with all the other dragons in the zone or he will dream of your raid fighting him. If he dreams of the dragons, you simply kill the dragons when they become attackable, and if he dreams of the raid fighting him, you simply go over and find your tiny self and pick them up. We didn’t wipe on this guy, but he did reset, so it counts as a two pull kill in my book. Still a fun fight though.

Sleeping like a baby

  • Hoshkar: This fight was nothing short of annoying. It wasn’t a hard kill, and we managed to take it down on first pull, but the strategy involved drags the fight out. Basically, Hoshkar is on a center island with the MT, and the rest of the raid is on an island that floats around the central island in a moat of lava. You have to continuously readjust your position to be able to attack  with Combat Arts/ Spells, and the MT has the fun of walking the dragon in a huge circle around the center island all the while keeping up with the floating island so the healers can heal. With a raid force that averaged 50-60k DPS, we only managed to get 8k DPS on this guy. So yea, it was a long fight.
  • Travenro the Skygazer: Typical tank and spank. He has these little orbs flying around him that shock you and knock you around slightly if you’re too close, but overall, he was an easy kill. First pull kill.
  • Silverwing: OMG… The strategy for this guy involves reprogramming some statues, flipping levers, clicking some glowy on the ground based on what class you are, and OTing adds. Two pulls, two wipes. It was late, and this guy hits hard. We stopped after the second wipe, and hopefully, we will take him down tonight. I need this kill to be able to advance to Phara Dar for my myth update.

Overall, this was a much better run than our first night. I’m happy with the piece of loot I got and am looking forward to hopefully getting my myth tonight. It’ll be a long night tonight since we are trying to get as many people mythed for the expansion, but I am up to the challenge.


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