Like Cockroaches…

February 17, 2010

…the unsubscribed return to EQ2 to wreak havoc upon the servers. This mysterious breed of person comes around during launch so that they may take discoveries from the truly committed. Also, they are the ones who spend the first eight hours doing everything they can to become level 90 first.

So yea, I saw a level 90 at around 5pm CST yesterday. It was kind of disturbing. Does this person take pride in this cyber world accomplishment? Did SOE reward his amazing commitment to the cause? Did he even enjoy the journey? So many questions race through my mind, and I fear they shall never be answered simply because I have little desire to entertain someones obvious online Napoleon Complex.

I did manage to hit level 82 and make one discovery. I also noticed mobs seem kinda of weak. It may have something to do with having shard armor, but I’m not sure. Most likely, it’s because SOE has elevated Shadow Knights to demi-god status. Oooo /flex


One comment

  1. You’re still a halfling.

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