Welcome to A Gamers Yarn! This is my little place where I will pretty much talk about the games I play and any news about games and gaming that I find interesting. Sure, there are plenty of these blogs out there, but this is MY bit, and I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while.

Some things you can expect at A Gamers Yarn:

  • Feedback, opinions, shock value moments of games I am playing
  • An open minded view on any comments which hopefully lead to stimulating conversation
  • Others to come!

Who Runs A Gamers Yarn?

Well, I am a 26 year old male who is currently in the military. In my free time, I pretty much listen to music and play games. While the start of this blog will include my time in Iraq, I will branch out to bigger and better things once I get stateside.

I will really only be focusing on two gaming platforms – PC and PS3 – since they are what I own and enjoy playing the most. I MAY touch some PSP games if I get around to playng any.

What genres does A Gamers Yarn focus on?

Simply put, I’m an RPG guy. At the moment, I really can’t play an MMOs, but I will be focusing on them when I am stateside a lot. Don’t worry though! I will not neglect my PS3 or DS. I use the PS3 and DS for those traditional RPGs you can’t get on PC and also for action style games such as Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia. As a reader, you will start to see a trend in what type of games I play on each platform.

What’s your setup or rig like?



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