Epic Woes

February 8, 2010

When I did my epic on Velourna, I flew through that thing like it was nothing, but now, Murias’ epic has been nothing short of aggravating. I blame myself however. Murias was nothing more than a dual-boxed healbot, and I never paid much attention to those minor skills like languages and harvesting. So, during my journey for his epic, I had to start from zero harvesting skill and get him near max in all areas for one part, learn some languages and actually learn how to play a Templar. The last one is not so easy when all you’re used to doing is pressing 1-4 on the keyboard. But hey, it’s coming along.

Today I am stuck hunting skyfire drakes for sellable drake hides which are not a common drop. The main issue here: I’m a Templar. I know there are DPS specs out there, and I really should look into them, but man, I really wish they would just die before my sheer awesomeness and save me three days. Oh well.. I can’t really complain since Sony did pretty much dumb down the game a whole lot since launch. At least the mythical isn’t too bad.


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